Final Reflection

Coming into art this year I really didn’t have any goals for myself. I acted as if it was just another class I needed to take because I had to. Although, throughout the year I became more interested and excited about what we were doing. My history in art isn’t that amazing. I’ve taken the … More Final Reflection

Wood Project

For this project we were to make something that someone could use and buy in a store, a product. I decided to make a beach chair with an umbrella because we are coming up on winter break and some people might travel to warmer places while it’s cold here so they could buy a beach chair. … More Wood Project

Whistle Project

Overall my whistle project was successful. I liked the finished project after it was painted and glazed. This project was fun and I enjoyed the process of creating our whistle. The part of choosing what we wanted to turn our whistle into was fun. I choose Minnie Mouse because I wanted to do some type of … More Whistle Project

Clay Whistle

Our second project in Advanced 3D Art is a Clay whistle. Currently we are still working on it but I have it almost completed. The goal of this project was to create a functioning whistle that has a unique design. I transformed my whistle into Minnie Mouse because I wanted it to have a lot … More Clay Whistle

Pinch Bowl

In advanced 3D art this semester we are working with clay. We started with making a pinch bowl. The goal of this project was to make a unique bowl with character. I got the idea of making an elephant out of my pinch bowl because of the way it was shaped at the beginning. It … More Pinch Bowl