Clay Whistle

IMG_0965Our second project in Advanced 3D Art is a Clay whistle. Currently we are still working on it but I have it almost completed. The goal of this project was to create a functioning whistle that has a unique design. I transformed my whistle into Minnie Mouse because I wanted it to have a lot of color and it was a simple design that I felt I could accomplish. Creating this clay whistle was a bit more challenging than the pinch bowl because it had more specific steps you had to follow. You had to create the whistle, so that it would work, and you had to add things to it to make it into a different form/shape, yet still making sure it was functional and made a noise. I enjoyed this project but I’d say I liked the pinch bowl more. I feel I will use the pinch bowl more and it was something that I enjoyed making and adding detail to, to make it into an elephant. This whistle project had some challenging parts to it such as that part of creating it to actually make a whistle noise. Getting the inside of the whistle to not have any clay in it was hard. Finally near the end I got mine to make a whistle sound, but throughout the building of it, it was pretty difficult. At the moment my whistle has been fired and I am ready to glaze/ paint it. I cannot wait to see the finished product and see how my Minnie Mouse whistle turns out!


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