Pinch Bowl

IMG_0899In advanced 3D art this semester we are working with clay. We started with making a pinch bowl. The goal of this project was to make a unique bowl with character. I got the idea of making an elephant out of my pinch bowl because of the way it was shaped at the beginning. It was a wide bowl that I could easily add feet, a head, ears and a trunk to. In class we learned about sgraffito and applied our new knowledge to our bowls. On the outside of my elephant pinch bowl I added polka dots which gave it a nice, simple look. If I could go back and start over on this project I would change one thing about it. My bowl wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be so I would go in and smooth it out more if I had that opportunity. Over all this project wasn’t too difficult and I feel good about my final product.


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