Ceramic Tile Project

IMG_1034For the Tile project we had to choose a scene that had three layers, a background, middle ground, and fore ground. We had a little square block of clay to work with and had to create the scene of our choice on there. I chose to make the Golden Gate Bridge, although I’ve never been there to see it in person, I want to go there so that’s why I choose this scene. Comparing this project with our clay whistle project, I’d have to say I enjoyed the whistle project more. I liked creating the whistle because it was something that we could use when it was done and because I felt it was easier yet still challenging in some ways. The Tile project was difficult because it was hard to create all of the layers and the carving in and popping out part. The whistle project was easier in the part that we had a whistle formed and all we had to do was add to it and paint it. I liked both projects but got more joy from the whistle project.


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