Whistle Project

IMG_1033Overall my whistle project was successful. I liked the finished project after it was painted and glazed. This project was fun and I enjoyed the process of creating our whistle. The part of choosing what we wanted to turn our whistle into was fun. I choose Minnie Mouse because I wanted to do some type of character. I used the round part of the whistle as her head and put her bow where you blow into the whistle. I liked sculpting it and adding detailed features. After the whistle had been glazed I loved the finished look. I just like the look of glazed ceramics and it made the whistle look great with a shiny look. Although, some of the issue were just with the painting part. I had to be very precise with where the colors went because there are many colors represented on her face considering the black ears, colorful bow, and tan face. In the end, I wouldn’t go back and change anything if I had the chance. I feel this project was very successful.


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