Wood Project

IMG_6632For this project we were to make something that someone could use and buy in a store, a product. I decided to make a beach chair with an umbrella because we are coming up on winter break and some people might travel to warmer places while it’s cold here so they could buy a beach chair. I made the chair all out of wood using some glue to keep the parts together. I made the umbrella using triangular pieces of wood gluing them together at there points so it formed into the shape of an umbrella. I formed a base out of a single piece of wood. I covered this base form with a piece of sandpaper, which is supposed to be used to sand down edges of wood but in my case it looked like the sand of the beach so I used it to glue the chair and umbrella onto. I used many different shapes and colors in my artwork. I used color to draw attention to my product. I had to use many different shapes to assemble the objects. My project was mainly made to “sell”. I knew we had to create a product so I bought something that people would normally buy if they were on vacation at the beach. Using wood to create this project was pretty easy because I just had to cut out the pieces and create slots and groves to insert the pieces in. The hardest part of this project was creating the form of the chair and umbrella. I had to plan out where all I was going to need pieces of wood. How big those pieces needed to be was another issue, and putting it together was hard. I liked using wood as the material though and over all thought I did really well on this project.


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