Final Reflection

Coming into art this year I really didn’t have any goals for myself. I acted as if it was just another class I needed to take because I had to. Although, throughout the year I became more interested and excited about what we were doing. My history in art isn’t that amazing. I’ve taken the normal required art classes throughout school. I’ve completed many art projects in my time. I don’t do a whole lot of art outside of school. I make Birthday, Christmas, ect. presents for my family but nothing to artistic. I made many projects this year in 3D art that I felt I did a great job on. I also learned a lot about different materials, artist, and many art tools.

Throughout the year we made many unique projects out of many different materials. We used paper at the beginning of semester one and used it to make a paper house, shadow box, and a final unit project. This wasn’t my favorite unit just because I didn’t like using paper to create 3D projects. I felt it made it look messy when you folded in the wrong place and it made a crease or when you had rough edges due to poor cutting. Next, we worked with wood. Using wood to create an item someone could buy was pretty fun. We had to use the slot groove technique in our project. I made a beach chair and umbrella. I painted the umbrella all different colors to make it pop. The chair was very detailed. It had all of the aspects as a real beach chair. I set the chair and umbrella on a flat wood base covered with sand paper which made it look like a real beach. We started working with clay to begin our second semester. Three main projects were included in this unit, the pinch pot, clay whistle, and tile. Out of all of these clay projects my favorite was the pinch pot. I created a good size bowl and added an elephant head with big ears and a trunk. I added 4 tiny feet to the bowl which were a requirement for our project but acted as the elephants feet/legs in my case. The whistle and tile were okay projects just not some of my favorite ones. Our final unit was a metal/wire unit. Personally, this was not a favorite of mine. Working with metal to create an oversized insect and a metal metaphor weren’t too fun to me. Although I did feel like I didn’t a pretty good job on creating the metal metaphor. I choose the metaphor “recipe to disaster”. I created a 3D recipe book sitting on a stand with a tornado coming down on to it (all made of metal and wire). There was another section of plaster or a Viking knit bracelet but I wasn’t in school for those projects. They seemed interesting and if I had the time I would have enjoyed making a Viking knit bracelet. These were all of our main projects throughout the year and my overall favorites.

Normally, we had an assignment where it gave us all of the instructions and requirements for the project we were to complete. We were graded using a rubric for most projects and had to turn in a picture when were done. Even though we had a rubric and an assignment to complete, I did make some projects personal to me. The pinch bowl became one of my favorite projects when I came up with the idea to make an elephant bowl for my mom. Sometimes I forgot I was being graded on the bowl and it really was fun to work on. The elements and principles of design were a big part of art in our class this year. For the pinch bowl project texture was a big element used. On the outside of our bowl we had to use the sgraffito technique to create a design. I kept mine simple and just did polka dots. This project was very meaningful and felt like more than an assignment to me. Another assignment that became personal to me was the final project for our paper unit. We were given the assignment to create a 3D project out of paper. I created a shadow box that said respect on it and had a police badge with a few police figures. This project was meaningful to me because my dad is a police officer and I feel it’s very important to end the violence and hatred towards them. I also created this project forgetting that there was a rubric and a grade that went along with it. Sometimes when you create art you get so wrapped up in making it perfect and meaningful that you forget the assignment itself. The elements and principles of design were also incorporated in this project. I used a lot of color but only in specifically chosen areas. I made the whole shadow box white so you could see shadows and see the light shine through when light shines on it. I created a background of black and dark blue because those are police officer colors. A big yellow star is located in the police badge and that is there to draw the eye to the project. Overall this project was also very meaningful but also incorporated art techniques. It was more than just an assignment to me.

In the end, this year in 3D art was very successful. I created many projects that took lots of time. Looking back on the year I am very proud of myself. Even the projects that I didn’t necessarily want to do or that I didn’t think would turn out good still came through and looked good. Some projects were more successful than others. To compare, my elephant pinch pot, wood beach chair and umbrella, and clay whistle were more successful than my paper house, wire insect, and ceramic tile. I feel like the projects that I enjoyed more were the most successful. The projects that I disliked didn’t end up the best. My biggest strength in art this year was putting my full effort in even when I felt like giving up. I honestly didn’t know what to do for my ceramic tile and I didn’t know how I should go about creating it. I didn’t give up though, I kept going and finally I had a finished project. My biggest weakness was probably not communicating. I did most of my work individually working things out on my own. I feel I would have been more successful on somethings if I didn’t just keep to my self. In the end, my year in 3D art was very successful. I’m very proud of all of the art work I created and excited to see if I continue with art in the future. More art classes and more learning about art might come up in my future !


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