TED Talk Response

Beatrice Coron is an artist who works mostly with paper. While some of her works of art are constructed using glass and other materials, most of them are made in paper because of its light weight and the aspect of being able to use it in many different ways. Generally, Beatrice will visualize her work … More TED Talk Response

Reflection on My Final Paper Sculpture

Instrumentalism; a pragmatic philosophical approach that regards an activity chiefly as an instrument or tool for some practical purpose, rather than in more absolute or ideal terms, in particular. My piece of artwork is very colorful, detailed, and informative. For my final project I made a shadow box to inform people that they need to respect … More Reflection on My Final Paper Sculpture

Paper Home Blog

My model of my house was very similar to my own home. The fact that it was made out of paper was different but other than that they shared many of the same qualities. They both have a garage, front door, windows ect. Making the house was a little bit of a challenge considering it … More Paper Home Blog

First Blog Post

My name is Chloe Tragesser. I’m a very fun person to be around and love hanging out with friends. I have played travel softball for 9 years and still do. Every weekend of the year consists of traveling new places for tournaments. My favorite place that I have played softball at is Chattanooga, Tennessee because … More First Blog Post